Floor plans & options

Which floor plan options best suit your needs?

Our authorized retailers will walk you through literally hundreds of options available from Rochester Homes Inc. Rochester Homes builds ranch, cape cod 1-1/2 story, and full two story homes. Investment structures are also available with many options designed to accommodate your needs. In addition to Rochester Homes options, your retailer can offer options to be done on site such as; garages, porches, decks, breeze ways, or other special ideas that make the possibilities endless.

Can I make changes?

Yes. Rochester Homes offers approximately 50 published floor plans for you to choose from. We do offer some floor plan changes as options on our standard plans, or we can build a custom plan to fit your needs. Before the order is placed you will choose the floor plan and options with your retailer. We confirm these choices back to your retailer to be approved to insure that your home will be built just the way you want it.

Finding a retailer
Pricing & financing

How do you find a building site? Get pricing and financing?

Most of our retailers can lead you to building sites in the area you intend to build. If you have located your own property or if the retailer helped locate a site for you, final pricing can only be obtained after determining which floor plan and options best fit your needs as dictated by your building site. Your retailer will work with you every step of the way to determine the exact price for your new home.

Most of our retailers have relationships with local realtors, financial institutions, and can direct you. Some have developments of their own or are associated with an area developer.

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Can I do some of the work myself?

Many financial institutions frown on customers doing their own work fearing their qualifications, however it is possible for you to save money by doing some of the work yourself. Work with either your builder or financial institution to work out the details in your contractual agreement. even though you might be qualified, our recommendation is to hire your retailer to help insure subcontractors give accurate estimates and help communication with timing to insure that jobs get done in a manner beneficial to you.

Where do you go for service after the sale?

Your authorized retailer orchestrates all communication with any warranty work that exists. Your retailer will assess the problem to determine the proper course of action to insure your satisfaction. Some items could be covered by subcontractors, your retailer, Rochester Homes Inc., or suppliers from Rochester Homes. Some service may be covered by your home owners insurance. Whatever the problem, your retailer is there to determine the best course of action for your service needs.

How does Rochester Homes work?

Rochester Homes sells its product through a network of independent builders, qualified dealerships, and some planned home communities within the states of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Our “authorized retailers” are in place to assist you throughout the building process. Your retailer can act as a complete general contractor or they can simply act as your project manager helping you along the way to find qualified subcontractors. Rochester Homes is actually a subcontractor to our authorized retailers.

If you are interested in obtaining information about Rochester Homes Inc., you can either email us or call us at1-800-860-4554. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Does Rochester Homes Inc. 'build green'?

The National Home Builders Association is involved in an ongoing process of defining what “building green” means to you, the end consumer. You can check this effort by going to www.buildinggreen.com. Generally any building practice that lessens the impact on our environment is a step towards building green. Your choices are endless as you move forward in your building process. Your first choice is picking a builder who promotes green practices by using recycled waste and scrap material generated while building your new home, guarding the site for excessive run off into streams and lakes, implementing building materials that are manufactured using recycled or sustainable raw materials that minimizes the use of our natural raw materials, the promotion of plumbing and HVAC systems that are more energy friendly and provide a healthy indoor air quality just to mention a few.

Below is a list of items that Rochester Homes Inc. contributes to your effort of “building green”.

1. The practice of building a home in a factory, by its nature, will have less environmental impact on the home building site because of the time saved; you site is disrupted for a shorter period of time. All the scrap is reduced on site and the fuel that is used by contractors to drive to the site is dramatically reduced because when our product is delivered it is 85% complete, therefore reducing the amount of work needed on site.

2. Many of our components are also built in factories such as trusses, cabinets, and trim, just to name a few. The nature of factory built components through their efficient nature leave a smaller footprint on the environment.

3. Our products are standard with 2X6 walls, low e glass, and R38 insulation plus we install an air infiltration wrap under all siding, all of which adds to the heating and cooling efficiency of your new home. If you option our heat system we use 95% efficient furnaces and we encourage onsite heating systems such as Geo Thermal, etc.

4. We recycle all our wood products. Our goal is that no wood waste makes it to our landfill. All our OSB and lumbers are recycled back through our mill department and used as close up strips, drywall nailers, and various other areas of our building process to minimize scrap.

5. We recycle all cardboard products. We partner with a local school for mentally challenged students that cut our insulation baffles from scrap cardboard and we use the remaining cardboard for floor protection when your home is shipped to your site.

6. All of our carpet and tile scraps are recycled back through a local flooring contractor to be sold as remnants therefore reducing the amount of flooring that is thrown away.

7. All of our vinyl siding scrap is stored in a bin and recycled back through to make other vinyl products, again to minimize the waste that fills our landfills.

8. All of our copper wire is recycled and reused.

9. All of our paints and solvents used in the building process are either low, or zero volatile organic compounds.

Who supplies material for your home?

Rochester Homes uses name brand components in each home such as; Andersen Silverline windows and doors, Kenmore appliances, Merillat cabinets, Kohler or Delta faucets, Shaw carpet, Greenfiber insulation, Trane furnaces, Rheem water heaters, Owens Corning shingles, and more.