1. Order Steel Beams and Columns
  2. Deliver Dumpster and Port-a-potty
  3. Site Preparation, Remove Obstacles
  4. Layout and Excavation
  5. Form Footings
  6. Pour Footings
  7. Footing Inspection
  8. Install Footing Drains and Basement Stone
  9. Install Under-Slab Utilities
  10. Block Delivery/Foundation Systems
  11. Construct/Install Foundation Walls
  12. Inspect Foundation Drains
  13. Apply Foundation Damp-Proofing and Vapor Barrier
  14. Install Anchor Clips/Bolts, Sill Plate and Sealer
  15. Install Sump Pump Crock and Rough Plumbing
  16. Install Basement Windows
  17. Install Foundation Drain Tile and Cover
  18. Prep Opening in Floor for Posts/Support Columns
  19. Pour Basement Floor
  20. Backfill